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How to get there?

    Being located in the Aegean region, Bodrum has many different ways available for transportation. You can easily get to Bodrum via either highway, airway, or seaway depending on your preference. In terms of the airway, you can get your ticket to Milas Airport, which is half an hour away from Bodrum or if you would like to get here by boat, Bodrum offers you a wide range of opportunities thanks to its marinas in many of the district borders.

     Moreover, as the city is widely popular, it is quite easy to rent a car here just in case you do not prefer to come to Bodrum in your own car. In addition, Bodrum offers you some other alternative ways such as minibusses available all around the city so that you can come and enjoy the fascinating landscape of Bodrum . You can get on a minibus departing from the bus station approximately every fifteen minutes.

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Where to Stay?

what to do?

     With its incredible landscapes, Bodrum arises a sense of happiness and joy that no other city in the world can. Built around twin bays on the southwest coast of Turkey, it brings you a chance to enjoy the alluring combination of nightlife, beaches, and history. This city literally offers you everything you dream of, from just sitting and enjoying the view to having delighted yacht tours.

     No matter how or when you want to start your day, there are plenty of things to make your day a masterpiece. For a chill start, you may prefer to go on a walk on the coastline or even swim. With our coworking space, you can combine them with your urgent works and still have a good time. Moreover, you can use conference room or garden depending on your preference to work and, meanwhile, enjoy our delicious food. In order to review the amenities we offer, you can click here and have a look at the amenities. Furhermore, if you feel like leaving the crowds of Bodrum and sailing with a yacht, no worries, you can do this as well. As another way of starting your day, you can enjoy the stunning view of Bodrum on a guided horseback riding, available in some parts of the city.

     Moreover, to bring some excitement to your later part of the day, you can take a jeep safari around Bodrum peninsula or take a daily trip from Bodrum to UNESCO-listed Ephesus. In addition, Bodrum enables you to discover its crystal clean water in detail thanks to scuba diving tours.

     Related to the region’s historical side, you can visit from St. Peter’s Castle to Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, to Bodrum Amphitheater. Furthermore, you can get into details of the country’s music culture by visiting Zeki Müren Arts Museum and get familiar with some of the songs you are likely to hear in the night.

     To finish your day off, you have a wide range of different ways available depending on your preference. You may either have a sit and enjoy your drink at a restaurant with a view or spend your time in a bar with music and dance. Actually, you may choose to spend a chill night on the beach with your loved ones.

     All in all, Bodrum offers you lots of different opportunities to spend your day without getting bored. With its stunning landscape, brilliant streets, and historical heritage, you will definitely be in hesitation among the things to do. If you should need some help, please contact us and let us help you.

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