What is Coworking Spaces?

What is Coworking Space?

The coworking space came about when freelancers came together to create spaces where they could work side by side. Since then, coworking spaces have evolved to cater to much more than freelancers. Coworking spaces today offer a variety of open and private workspaces for individuals and organizations. It also offers coworking spaces, events, and social activities to build strong professional communities.

Collaboration is a new way of doing and sharing work. Collaborative ecosystems are created as productive and collaborative environments. These environments are collective workspaces for entrepreneurs that do not have institutional restrictions and meet their personal needs. So what are the types of workspaces? We recommend that you continue reading our article to find out what you are wondering about the subject.

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Types of Coworking Spaces

A wide variety of coworking spaces include, but are not limited to:

  • Multiple usage areas with flexible layouts.
  • Visual art studios with industrial interiors.
  • Equipped with ergonomic furniture and equipment, the spaces provide the residents with the highest level of comfort.
  • Dedicated offices for teams that require physical proximity to members but still want to stay connected to the larger ecosystem.
  • Hackerspaces (HackerSpace, Noida, India) welcomes creative artists such as fashion, graphic and interior designers.
  • Dance studios (Loom Coworking, Fort Mill, USA) cater to the needs of classical and contemporary dancers.
  • Studios for artists are great for creative souls working with paint or digital media.
  • Studios for photographers and filmmakers.
  • Pop-up retail spaces.
  • Coworking spaces for lawyers.
  • Spaces reserved for working on a pop-up basis inside fancy restaurants.
  • Women-only workplaces or women-centered workplaces, as Shecosystem, Toronto, Canada.
  • Coworking spaces or coworking spaces for rural digital nomads and freelancers like Coworking Bansko, Bulgaria offer people a significant opportunity to work from any exotic place on Earth.

Such coworking spaces often also provide co-living opportunities. For example, hybrid flexible workspaces such as trendy gym coworking environments.

Virtual coworking office spaces provide almost the same membership benefits as physical spaces, but members do not need to be physically in the same location. They sit virtually at a typical table marked on the virtual floor plan, interact with other residents throughout the day, and go to virtual places such as telephone booths and meeting rooms.

Famous Companies that Started at Coworking Spaces 

Nothing inspires more than a success story that once started in a coworking space. Companies that have become famous today by beginning to work in a coworking space are as follows:


Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp began solving the San Francisco taxi cab crisis in a coworking space. Uber teams now operate in more than 50 countries around the world, and that number continues to grow.


Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom developed the app in just eight weeks, coming together in one collaborative workspace.


The idea of ​​creating one of the world’s largest crowdfunding portals sparked the mind of a Wall Street analyst, Danae Ringelmann, in a coworking space.


It took Christy Liu a year with three intrepid co-founders to bring the project put forward by TripAdvisor to life in a coworking space.


Working in a coworking space, Igor Dzhebyan and Ross Khanas discovered that coworking spaces are rich in creativity but lacking in technology. So, they embarked on a journey to bridge this gap. They created Andcards, the first coworking space management software to satisfy members, now used in over 30 countries around the world. 

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